Charity Stalls: Terms and Conditions

Applications must be received by Monday 3 June 2024

Space is allocated on a first come first served basis and product/activity suitability.

Stall holders must only sell goods specified in their application - Any changes to the information supplied to us must be made in writing to at least three weeks prior to the start of the festival. Godiva Festival site management reserve the right to refuse items not listed and deemed unsuitable.

All stall participants, please note:

  • Once a registration form has been received and acknowledged in writing by email, a space will be reserved for you.
  • Once confirmed an invoice will be sent out to the name and address given to us on the application form so if this is different please make sure this is stated on the application form. Payment details will be sent on the back of the invoice.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘Coventry City Council’
  • Payment must be received prior to the event in full (we are not able to collect fees at the event).
  • Please supply us with a copy of your public liability (minimum of £5 million public, £5m product and £10m employers' liability).
  • If it is necessary for you to cancel the space prior to the event, then it is the stall holder’s responsibility to let us know in writing that the space will no longer be required.  You must have received an acknowledgement of this cancellation from us for this to be implemented. If notification of cancellation is not sent to us in writing prior to the event, then full payment will still be charged. 
  • Not turning up on the day will still be charged against the stall holder if notification is not given at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • No individual generators are allowed on site.  Power may be able to be arranged and will be provided and managed by a separate power company supplier at cost.
  • For the safety of our visitors, vehicles are not allowed on site after vehicle curfew (an hour before opening each day) and for the duration of the event. Once unloaded vehicles must be parked up in the designated parking areas and you must make your own provisions for carrying items off site if your area is closing earlier than the official closing time.

All stall holders please read the important information below before submitting your application form

Godiva Festival Family Field General Stall Information (applies to all stall holders)

Goods prohibited from sale

There are items which are considered inappropriate for sale at the Godiva Festival due to them being either illegal or against the community nature of the event.

The following items are not permitted to be sold at the Godiva Festival: This list is non -exhaustive

  • Cigarettes/vapours or any tobacco products
  • Alcohol or associated products. Providing this as prizes for tombolas is also not permitted
  • Firearms or explosives including BB guns, catapults and slingshots
  • Weapons including domestic knifes
  • Pornography
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Pirated media (includes DVDs)
  • Real fur
  • Any form of guns/toy guns/plastic guns/BB guns
  • Glitter (If glitter gets onto the ground it is difficult to remove after the event.)

Management withhold the right to shut down a site selling prohibited or illegal goods whether they are listed above or not.

Activities prohibited without prior notification and consent

Some activities are paid for with exclusive rights and in some cases a tender process has been administered so we do not allow the following activities when operating a charity/community/craft stall. 

Below lists some of these activities:  This list is non-exhaustive.

  • Face painting
  • Any selling of hot or cold food and drinks.  Wrapped sweets are acceptable
  • Any selling of ice-cream
  • No bucket collections around the site are permitted but if you are collecting for Charity you are allowed to have a collection box for voluntary collection on your table/stall.
  • No licensable costumed characters i.e. Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse without being licensed by official agents of the rights holders. Bespoke mascots for charities are allowed but regulated characters as costumed staff/volunteers, walkabout characters etc are not permitted.

Management reserve the right to shut down a site/stall who is refusing to stop trading if asked to do so.

Other Prohibitions

  • No political or religious literature is permitted. 
  • Although the Council respects the variety of religious and political beliefs held, space will not be issued to any individual or groups who wish to use the festival to promote a particular political view/interpretation or religion or religious affiliation.
  • No group participant can use any copyright material (ie costume characters) without the prior consent of the creator/author. Written proof will be required.

In the result of these conditions being flouted the decision of the Godiva Festival site management is final.