Coventry City Council and their representatives reserve the right to refuse entry to the site, and access will be restricted by the following conditions of entry. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in you being turned away from the Festival site.


Admission to the event site will only be authorised upon representation of a valid ticket and proof of photographic identity may be required at time of entry. One ticket will be required for each person, regardless of age. Tickets can be  []purchased [] via our website. []

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (21+). Proof of identity will be requested. A maximum number of 4 persons under the age of 16 will be allowed entry with each adult (21+).

Opening, closing and last entry times are as follows: Friday 5 July 18:00 - 22:30 (last entry 20:30), Saturday 6 July 12:00 - 22:30 (last entry 20:30), Sunday 7 July 12:00 - 19:00 (last entry 17:30).

There will be no re-entry permitted on Friday 5th July. Persons leaving the event before it concludes will be advised that there is no re-entry. Re-entry will be permitted on Saturday 6th until 20:30 and Sunday 7th until 17:30 or at the discretion of the gate management team. Persons re-entering the site can make use of the re-entry lane and will be subject to a full search on re-entry. You must ensure your wristband remains intact to ensure re-entry is granted. If your wristband is damaged or removed you will not be permitted to re-enter the event.

Each ticket holder will be subject to search upon entry by licensed security personnel. Metal detecting wands are in use as part of the search regime at the entry point.

If you are bringing any medication with you, please notify security at the gates.


Proof of photographic identiity may be required upon entry. 

We accept the following proof of ID; Passport, Driver’s license or Official ID that contain the certified PASS [] logo. These are available for proof of 12 to 16, 16 to 18 and over 18

Please note we cannot accept other forms of ID. We won't accept photos or photocopies of ID.


One bag per person is permitted, but it must be no bigger than A4 size. Larger bags will be permitted in special circumstances e.g for parents with young children. This will be at the discretion of the festival management team. There are no storage facilities for bags on-site. 

Public safety

Anyone found in possession of drugs or weapons will be reported to the police and may face arrest.

Anyone who is noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or is behaving, or considered by any Authorised Person likely to behave, violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order and/or safety will be refused entry to the site or will be ejected from the site.

Anyone who, whilst within the site or vicinity thereof, engages in disruptive, dangerous or violent behaviour including (without limitation) throwing, casting, thrusting or propelling any object at any person, instigates violence, demonstrates racism or xenophobia, behaves in a way that any reasonable person may interpret as provocative, threatening, discriminatory and/or offensive, creates or poses any threat to the life or safety of themselves or any other person(s), or harms any other person(s) in any way, or unreasonably obstructs the viewing of other spectators; will be refused entry to the site or will be ejected from the site.

Prohibited items

Please do NOT bring the following items to the Godiva Festival site. They will be confiscated, and you may be refused entry or ejected from the site if you are found to have them in your possession:

  • Chinese lanterns
  • Candles 
  • Sound systems
  • Generators 
  • Animals, with the exception of guide dogs
  • Glass items (including bottles, makeup containers and perfume)
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Disposable vapes
  • Alcohol
  • Drinks (sealed, unopened 500ml bottles of water will be accepted) 
  • Drones, quadcopters or any remote-controlled flying device.
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Unofficial high vis jackets or tabards
  • Illegal substances, psychoactive substances, nitrous oxide and legal highs
  • Fireworks or flares
  • megaphones, airhorns, compressed air
  • Aerosols (including but not restricted to deodorants, antiperspirants, hairspray, dry shampoo, spray paint)
  • Portable or disposable barbeques/gas/paraffin lamps or any fire/gas related cooking equipment
  • Smoke bombs, flag sticks or banners
  • Signs or materials displaying political, religious, offensive or race-related messages, slogans or images
  • Anything that could be reasonably considered for use as a weapon
  • Professional camera or video recording equipment (including SLRs and anything with a detachable lens)
  • Any objects bearing trademarks or other kinds of promotional signs and messages (of whatever nature) which we or any authorised person believes are for promotional purposes (and any Prohibited Items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed even if the item itself is not illegal without compensation at the discretion of any authorised person);

Picnics and camping chairs

Picnics are welcome, but please be aware they will also need to be searched.

Camping chairs will be permitted on the Saturday and Sunday but not on the Friday. Please be aware that camping chairs will need to be moved later in the day to allow for increased viewing space


Dogs are NOT permitted within the Festival site. Please do not bring your dog or you will be refused entry. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted on site.


By attending this event, you give your express consent to your actual/ simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time. This includes filming by the police or security staff which may be carried out for the security of customers and/or the prevention of crime.

Conditions of entry and prohibited items are subject to change.