Darius S. Semper is Reggae/Neo-Reggae/Dancehall Recording and Performing Artist “SHINE-I”!  A chain of energetic and uplifting performances and releases have bedazzled his career since 2012 – following the release of his debut album, The Foundation, in his homeland of The Virgin Islands (UK).

In 2019 he relocated to the United Kingdom and continued his journey by remaining in studio throughout the pandemic. In October, 2020 he released “Music is Life,” his first track in the UK and the first from the EP “Difference”. Difference was subsequently released in 2021. A few more releases, three music videos and three years later and; Shine-I had amassed a total of almost 400,000 thousand views, with the aid of his standout music video for the single “Bad Mind”.

As he continues to share his passion while navigating and learning new cultures and landscapes;SHINE-I, a versatile and experienced artist and entertainer, is poised to continue making noteworthy contributions to the Reggae, Neo-Reggae and Dancehall musical genres.