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Top tips for getting into Godiva Festival quickly

Published: Thursday, 04 July 2019

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Want to know how to beat the queues and start enjoying the fun?

Here are our 7 top tips:

  1. Get your ticket in advance and have it ready when you arrive at the park - Purchasing a ticket in advance not only guarantees your entry to the festival, but it means you also don’t have to queue to buy a ticket – bonus!
  2. Plan your journey to the park carefully. If you’re arriving by car, book your car parking space in advance, or if you’re arriving by bus, check out the route beforehand.
  3. Check you’re not carrying any prohibited items which would need to be confiscated.
  4. Avoid bringing large bags as they will need to be searched by security on the gate.
  5. If you’re bringing a reusable water bottle, please ensure it’s empty when you arrive at the gates.
  6. If you’re hoping to see a particular band, make sure you arrive well in advance. Others will be arriving to see them too! Check the lineup page!
  7. There are three entrances to the park – check which one is easiest for you to get to.

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