Performing on Saturday 3 September on the Next Stage.

Eugy’s story begins in Accra, Ghana,where he was born and raised by his grandparents until the age of six. He then moved to London, UK to join his parents which was a culture shock that later helped to shape his unique sound. Music was an early passion and key feature of Eugys’childhood. Whether he was playing instruments with his brothers for Sunday service at he’s families church, to rapping for the local youth charity. Over the years,Eugy has worked hard to establish a presence in the culture to progress his career in music.

Fast forward to 2016-Eugy released ‘Dance for me’, a viral smash hit song. It generated over 100 million streams and was a key player in putting afro-beats on the global stage. This hit song opened numerous doors and presented new opportunities for Eugy, including touring Europe. During this period he released his first EP ‘Flavourz’ adding more hits to his catalogue, including global hits  ‘Body’, ‘Tick Tock’,‘LoLo’and ‘My Touch’.

Eugy has since gone on to build an international fan base in markets including US, Canada, China, Rwanda, Uganda,France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and UK. He has scored collaborations with leading artists worldwide such as Farina,Wizkid and 24k Goldn.