Live and Times/ Greenspace areas

Life and Times/Greenspace areas

A girl doing an activity in the tent

Once again we will be having Lives and Times and Greenspace areas at the festival containing local interest groups, countryside projects, history groups and much more.

If your organisation would like to have a space at the festival please apply online now. The areas will be open from 12noon to 7pm on both Saturday and Sunday

Please not that although the Council respects the variety of religious and political beliefs held, space will not be issued to any individual or groups who wish to use the festival to promote a particular political view/interpretation or religion or religious affiliation.

If you have a National or local charity status and you wish to exhibit in this area you will still be required to pay the appropriate National/local charity costs. These are listed below. 

  1. Local charities who are based in the Coventry and District region

Cost will £160 +VAT (£192.00) for Saturday and Sunday trading

  1. Regional or National based charities

Cost will be £520 + VAT (£624.00) for Saturday and Sunday trading

  1. Local Community Groups wishing to raise funds for local use who are not registered charities

       Cost will £160 +VAT (£192.00) for Saturday and Sunday trading

  1. Private individual who have endorsement from regional or national charities to raise funds on their behalf.  A letter of endorsement and receipts must be provided.

Cost will £160 +VAT (£192.00) for Saturday and Sunday trading