Godiva Calling

Godiva Calling heats

Venues are responsible for the selecting of the artists. The judges for the main heats will be organised by the Coventry Godiva Festival organisers. Where there are mini-heats the venues will provide the judges. 

Each venue can hold as many heats as they deem necessary – the winners for each genre of music will go on to perform at the Coventry Godiva Festival. Each judge will have to declare if they have a vested interest in any of the artists and will subsequently have to withdraw from judging that heat. 

Venues may charge a small entry fee at their discretion.

Voting system

The judges and the audience will vote at the heats. Their votes will then be used to select the winners.

Upon entry to the venue, provided it is before the first act starts, each audience member will be given a ticket by a member of the venue's staff. After all the acts have performed audience members will be allowed to exchange their ticket for a voting form. On the form audience members will be instructed to vote for their first and second choice. These votes will then be collected and counted. The judges votes will be counted separately and their votes will be weighted.

After the votes are tallied together using a points system, the winners  will be announced by a member of venue staff


The winner from each category will perform at the 2022 Coventry Godiva Festival. Each category has a winner and they will be offered the chance to perform on the appropriate day/stage.