Whizzy is a 25 year-old rapper/songwriter from Coventry who has been performing music for 10 years. He is an artist who can adapt to different genres, he doesn't always prefer just one for example, he enjoys Grime, Drill, Pop, House, Hip Hop, Afro swing and other styles.

Whizzy currently has 5 million Spotify streams independent, he has had hits played on radio 1 and radio 1xtra and also featured on Sbtv Warm up sessions on YouTube 

Whizzy can adapt to any musical style he is passionate about. Eminem's musical ability is Whizzy's inspiration in music, he was one of the first artists he listened to as a child and learned the lyrics word for word. Whizzy began by performing these lyrics at open mic nights with his family and this inspired his style.

As he aged, he began to listen to grime influences who began to pioneer and shape the world of grime. These artists are the likes of Chip, Kano, Ghetts, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, and Devlin. One of his greatest inspirations is Mostack, Whizzy was just 13 when he was diagnosed with autism, he also found out that Mostack was autistic. Thus as a result, he greatly admired and sought this inspiration and implemented this into his music.