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The Soulfood Brothers

The Soulfood Brothers

Show time: Saturday 1 September

Started in 1998 with Huggy Plays Records and his brother Chelston under the DJ guise of The Funk Assassins, The Soulfood Brothers supported bands and DJ'd between the interludes of band changeovers. It was quickly realised that there was a following to the band of eclective style music. Their style ranges from soul, funk, ska, reggae, break beat, house, hip hop, electro, old school rave and drum and bass. This music style was particularly well received by the receptive and captivated audiences around the UK. The name 'Soulfood' was coined to their night in 2000,  and the name 'The Soulfood Brothers' came about in 2011 after both brothers committed to DJing together.

At this time in 2018, they are still performing solidly together on a regular basis and are warmly received at venues. The two brothers are totally dedicated to their love of music. 

Whatever The Soulfood Brothers are doing, they are going from strength to strength and are relentlessly pushing the boundaries in an assault on the music industry, so look out for them!