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Godiva Festival takes part in European exchange programme

Published: Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Elvis Dies Tomorrow

Coventry Godiva Festival has this year taken part in a European exchange programme, sharing the region’s home grown talent with one of Coventry’s original twin cities, Kiel in Germany.

The programme aims to promote cultural exchange for and with young people in Kiel. It is run by a group of volunteers in Kiel called Kieler Jugendring who work closely with young musicians. By working together, our two cities will often exchange bands who are then asked to perform in their cities, with musicians from Kiel being sent to Brest, France, and Gdynia, Poland. The two cities then sent their own musicians back to Kiel to perform.

This cultural exchange is intended to promote intercultural cohesion, celebrate music and to give young musicians the chance to experience something new, as well as bringing some European sounds to the festival.

The Kiel Week or “Kieler Woche” in German, is an annual sailing event in Kiel and is the largest sailing event in the world. It is held every year in the last week of June and features a large music festival alongside the sailing, with several public stages available. With Coventry’s own Godiva Festival happening just a few weeks afterwards, Coventry Godiva Festival and Kieler Jugendring have teamed up to create two fantastic opportunities.

Last year’s Godiva Calling Rock/Metal winners, Signs of Fire, will be flying to Kiel to perform as part of Kieler Woche, with Kiel sending their own battle of the bands winners, Elvis Dies Tomorrow, to perform as part of Coventry’s annual free music event.

Tommy, the singer in Signs of Fire, said: “We can’t wait to play in Germany. It’ll be our first time playing outside of the UK and we’re excited to play the country where some of the best hard rock/metal acts come from, like Rammstein, Scorpions and Michael Schenker!”

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Godiva Festival and to Kieler Jugendring for the opportunity!”

Lee House, Events Manager and Godiva Festival Director, said: “With Kiel being one of Coventry’s twin cities, it’s fantastic that we can work together to help make this a reality for two bands that are from different countries but not in terms of good rock music”

“Coventry should be proud to be the first UK city that has participated in this and with Godiva Festival being the UK’s biggest free family music festival, it’s a fantastic opportunity for both bands to experience something completely different.

“We’re really looking forward to having Elvis Dies Tomorrow on the Godiva Festival stage, and we couldn’t be happier for Signs of Fire, who we know will be fantastic at Kieler Woche!”

Elvis Dies Tomorrow will be performing on Saturday’s Main Stage, just after 2017’s Godiva Calling winners in the Indie/Alternative/Other category, Future Fires and What’s Left. Saturday’s Main Stage will also see other names like Lucy Rose, The Amazons, Carl Barat &The Jackals, and Example & DJ Wire later in the day.

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