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Conditions of entry

Access for the public will be restricted by the following conditions of entry:

  • The Main Arena will be fenced and patrons are subject to a mandatory search as a condition of entry.
  • Do not bring alcohol to the Festival. It will be confiscated.
  • Please do not bring drones.
  • Please do not bring large bags as these will need to be searched and this can cause long queues.
  • Those found in possession of drugs or weapons will be reported to the police and will face exclusion and arrest.
  • Any one appearing drunk or likely to cause crime or disorder will be refused entry.
  • Coventry City Council and their representatives reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • Responsible dog owners are welcome. Please keep dogs on leads, out of tents and ensure you clean up after your dog.
  • CCTV images are being monitored for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.
  • Any glass bottles or glass containers are not permitted on site and will be confiscated, including perfume bottles. Any opened bottles of water will be confiscated. Sealed, plastic bottles are permitted, however, our staff reserve the right to confiscate any sealed bottles they believe are fake.