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Show time: Friday 7 July - 6.55pm-7.15pm

We are Dan, Sam, Aman and Alan and together we are Overseer, we are from Coventry in the West Midlands. If you have never seen us live or heard our music then welcome and we hope you enjoy what you find.

If you like the grungier side of rock then we're your band, we have just released our debut EP 'Captain Of The Tempest' so get yourself a copy so you can sing along at one of our shows.

"Overseer are the young guns, fairly new on the scene but already writing and performing tunes of maturity and depth that exceed their years. They're recently having positive feedback and comments from airplay of their tune Hold It Back".
David Coyle - Venue Promoter

We are just four friends who share a complete love affair with music. That's the great thing about the band not only are we band mates we are also best mates and have been throughout our school days.

From supporting local bands to headlining gigs to recording in the studio and to actually hearing OUR songs being played on-air, we are loving every single step of our journey and we want nothing more than to enjoy it with you.

"Overseer are the new kids on the block but perform like seasoned professionals who have been on the circuit for years. Youth brings energy, dynamics and originality in the self penned tunes. Guaranteed to open the show with musical muscle!"
Juiced Promotions