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Show time: Saturday 8th July - 1.15pm - 1.40pm

Coventry born and raised, Skatta is a special kind of artist, with a passion for his art form and distinctive sound that sets him apart. 

At 21 years old, the emcee, real name Nathan Hunter, has already achieved more than most at this age and is working to change the face of Coventry's musical scene. Having collaborated with American and British singers, rappers and producers, Skatta is laying down tracks for a new generation, and the music industry is listening.

In 2016, Skatta was requested as a guest on BBC 1xtra and host, Sian Anderson has described him as "one of my favourites ever to do it", describing his voice as "captivating." Since then, he has performed live at Godiva Festival, Portobello live, Fubar Radio and hosted his own show on Pyro Radio, He has also appeared on Brapp TV and more!