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Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Show time: Saturday 8 July - 5:45pm-6:25pm

Something’s changing in Lucy Rose. After two albums of feeling her way through the densely-populated landscape of contemporary singer-songwriter music she has picked a point in her career when most people are recycling their hits to bin the satnav, head off the map and commit to a graphically authentic version of her musical self. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to re-invent yourself.

“It’s like I was an-uncracked glo-stick…and now I’ve been cracked,” says Lucy in the music/travel documentary which accompanies her third album ‘Something’s Changing’. For those familiar with Lucy Rose through her inventive and many-hued first two albums it shouldn’t come as too great a surprise that she has been breaking with conformity and pushing emotional boundaries. Since relocating from Warwickshire to London aged 18 her musical progress has been less than conventional.

Showing up in 2010 as a girl-next-door with acoustic guitar, she played the open mic circuit on a trajectory to become a back room singer songwriter, but somehow ended up all over Radio 1.

Sometimes the best thing that can happen to an artist is they get fed up of being a square peg in a round hole and head off into the wild green yonder. By 2016 Lucy Rose was wondering what the point of it all was. She had achieved a lot: a debut album, 2012’s ‘Like I Used To’ had set her up as one of the most influential of the new generation of UK artists. The singles 'Middle of the Bed', 'Bikes' and 'Shiver' made their own space on UK radio playlists. With her band she toured worldwide, climbed the festival bills, supported Neil Young in Hyde Park and played the Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

With a new partnership with Communion Records and an exciting new band for touring, Lucy Rose is as revitalised as it gets. This year for some dates she’ll tour alongside the documentary, returning to Latin America first and then India, Europe, the US and Asia. Her heart and soul stuffed backpack is going to see a lot more airports. And if ‘Somethings Changing’ does the job it should do, she’ll finally get the recognition she deserves as one of the UK’s best songwriters, and a true believer in the power of music.

“Maybe this album doesn’t fit into the bigger picture,” she says “ But maybe I’m OK with that. I think I just wanted to put out something positive into the world, I feel like hopefully it will make people feel better.”

 It will.