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Show time: Saturday 8 July - 3.35pm - 4.10pm

Hailing out of East London, multi-talented artist Not3s began his musical journey at a young age. Having always been into music, Not3s found himself in certain circumstances that only drove him to have a deeper passion for it. 

Not3s gained a small buzz after releasing a string of songs including ‘Bark Off’, ‘Toju Mi’, ‘Hakuna Matata’ and more, where he showcased his talent and ability to rap and sing. 

His latest single ‘Addison Lee’ has proved to be his most popular track yet, garnering over 3 million plays on Soundcloud and 3 million views on youtube as well as catching the attention of rappers such as Dave, Krept, and Tinie Tempah to mention a few; who have tweeted the lyrics to the song and shown support. 

The response has only grown more fervent, with Addison Lee supporting the single and giving Not3s an official promo code for their cab company. 

Speaking on music, Not3s expressed “I'm in love with anything that sounds right, no matter the genre and person.” He went on to say “my plan is to be the best that has stepped foot in the game, but not for money. More for the love of what I do and create.”

Not3s has been in the studio working tirelessly with some of the finest producers and artist such Louis from WESTRN, Jay Silva and Geko for the Addison Lee Remix. His latest track Notice, has hit over 1 million views and he is currently gearing up for the release of 'Aladin' . Fresh from a massive reception at The great escape festival Not3s is set to take over the summer.