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Show time: Friday 7 July 9:25pm-10:15pm

After shaking off restraints like self doubt and inexperience, Cambridgeshire's own Mallory Knox are earning the title of "rock's latest nice guys" as well as the vital voice of the modern rock generation. The carefree attitude they now have towards music has made their overall sound better and the 3rd album proves it.

Members of the band Mikey, Joe and guitarist, James were busy trying to turn the cultural vacuum of their various village communities dotted around Cambridgeshire in the heart of the UK rock scene. Stuart Gilli from Gallows offered to manage them, which led to him helping them record 3 further tracks which went onto their 5 track EP 'Pilot'.

Following their first EP, 'Pilot' and their first album 'Signals' the group followed up with the release of 'Asymmetry' under the Epic Records umbrella which was their third major project (2nd album), going on to secure a spot in the Top 20 UK album chartsHitting Number 16 in the UK Top 20, ‘Asymmetry’ was a whirlwind wonder of a record, not least because, with only a week to go before the end of recording at Bath Moles studio with the legendary Gil Norton, the whole thing very nearly went up in smoke when the studio burned to the ground.

“You don’t see all this coming,” says James. “We were set, full-time jobs, girlfriends, the lot, that was your life. So for this to come in, as great as it is, everything gets shaken up and you have to pick up the pieces.”

“It’s the two biggest aspects of what you hope to achieve in your lifetime,” Mikey adds, “a loving relationship, family framework that was maybe just beginning to form for some of us, and then a successful, satisfying career. For a lot of people they grow separate from each other, but in that time the two were smashing together and the fallout from that was the content of ‘Asymmetry’".

When discussing their last album, Sam said: "'Asymmetry’ was a diagonal side-step from ‘Signals’, whereas this is a complete step forward. It felt like a brand new band again.

Recorded over four weeks in July and August 2016 with producer Dan Austin in the old chapel liveroom at the 26-acre stately home Vada Studios in England, the highly anticipated new album 'Wired' is believed to be one of the most hard hitting, melodically pleasing, outspoken and open hearted albums in modern rock. “With the content, you would do what the song subconsciously described to you,” Mikey claims, and these irrepressible tunes spoke to him and co-lyricist Sam of hedonism fatigue, medication, depression, religious delusion and the dark side of social media, making ‘Wired’ one of this generation’s most honest and insightful portraits of the struggles of 21st century youth.