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Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

Show time: Saturday 8 July - 9.15pm-10.05pm

Tom Clarke acoustically celebrates the 10th Anniversary of We'll Live and Die in These Towns!

In June I will be taking to the road to celebrate 10 years since the release of We'll Live & Die In These Towns by playing the record in its entirety, completely unplugged. The shows are pretty much all sold out and it's looking like it'll be an unforgettable tour, I can't wait.

It hasn't escaped a lot of people's attention that there was no Coventry date announced for the June tour, you didn't really think I'd celebrate the debuts 10 year anniversary and leave Coventry out though did you? This year also marks 10 years since The Enemy first played at Godiva Festival, so it's amazing to be able to announce that I'll be performing a full unplugged set at the festival to end the run of dates on the anniversary tour. I have some unforgettable memories from playing Godiva over the years and I can't think of a better way to close the tour than a free gig in the heart of Coventry. 

It'll be in the tent, so the sound will be good and it doesn't matter if it rains, come along for free and join me in celebrating an amazing decade in the heart of the city where it all began.

Tom Clarke - The Empire Coventry, Director.