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Louie Forde - from Godiva Calling to Godiva Festival

Published: Monday, 24 April 2017

Louie Forde

Last year, Louie Forde won the opportunity to perform on the Main Stage at Godiva Festival after he competed in the Godiva Calling competition.

Godiva Calling is a battle of the bands competition which gives the winner and the runner up the chance of performing at Godiva Festival.

With such a huge amount of local musical talent across Coventry and Warwickshire, Godiva Calling is an incredible opportunity for artists to put themselves out there, and be given the chance to showcase their talent in front of a huge new audience. Godiva Calling has been growing in popularity over previous years, with more and more people interested in winning a coveted slot on one of Godiva Festival’s stages.

With Andrew Ferris taking the winning slot, Louie came runner up, securing himself a slot on the Main Stage, and performing in front of thousands.

So one year later, we caught up with him to see how Godiva Calling has impacted him and his musical career.

Louie said: “I was actually born in Birmingham, but I moved to Nuneaton when I was around 13, then I moved to Coventry two years ago to be closer to my daughter, who lives in Coventry with her mum.”

I’ve loved music ever since I was a kid. My mum used to sing soul and motown while she was in the kitchen, and my dad used to listen to Hootie and the Blowfish and U2 in his truck on the way to work. My dad was a singer too, so he used to sing all the time. I didn’t really sing seriously until I was 18, but I’ve always been around music. I’ve always loved it.”

“I’d played a Godiva Calling heat before with my old band, Making Maisie. We came 2nd in our heat, which wasn’t enough to go through to the final, but still, it was a valiant attempt considering we didn’t take anyone to vote for us! So, I decided to come back as an acoustic act. I didn’t take anyone with me this time either, but I came runner up in the final, and was given the opportunity to play Godiva Festival!”

“It was fantastic. It was great to play on such a big stage with such great sound! My little girl, Maisie, was able to come up on stage with me and was treated like royalty backstage! She had a great time, and so did I!”

“I couldn’t be more grateful to Sam McNulty, who organises the Singer/Songwriter category, and to the Godiva team, who helped me get there.”

When asked how the opportunity had affected his music, Louie said: “It’s certainly given me a thirst for bigger stages. I stayed to watch Scouting for Girls play at Godiva last year and the atmosphere was electrifying. I can’t wait to play that sort of crowd. That’s the dream for me! Godiva Calling has opened lots of doors in terms of gigs, but it’s also led me to start a new band with my friends, called Lingua Franca.”

“I just want to be a musician. I want to do what I love. Don’t we all!? And Godiva Calling has helped me continue on that journey.”

You can find out more about Louie on his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/musicalforde) and find out more about Lingua Franca at www.facebook.com/linguafrancaofficial

If you’re thinking of applying for Godiva Calling, you can apply now.