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Andrew Ferris – a Godiva Calling success story

Published: Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Andrew Ferris

With the endless supply of local musical talent in Coventry and Warwickshire, Godiva Calling has been growing in popularity over the past few years and has seen some fierce competition.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Godiva Calling, it’s a battle of the bands competition that ends with the winner and the runner up being offered a slot on one of Godiva Festival’s stages.

Last year, Andrew Ferris proved his musical mettle and won first place in the Singer/Songwriter category. So we caught up with him, one year later, to see just what effect Godiva Calling has had on him and his career.

He said: “I’m Andrew Ferris, Coventry born and bred. When I was younger, I spent 8 years in Australia, but I kept having visions whilst reflecting on Bondi Beach of coming home and playing in front of my hometown on the Godiva Festival stage, so I decided to head back to my hometown.

“I saw the advert for Godiva Calling, and so I decided to apply for it. When they announced I’d won, I couldn’t believe it! Performing on Godiva Festival’s stage was amazing. It was literally a dream come true.

“I’m really proud to be from Coventry, and the opportunity to play on Godiva Festival’s stage was fantastic, and it really energised me for more of that feeling. After having a taste on my own, I was desperate to get into a band. Playing to Godiva Festival’s crowd got me hungry for more. That’s what sparked the journey for my new band.

“So I started a band after Godiva Festival last year called The Institutes, and the band and I are so passionate about playing music. Coventry has a really rich musical history and we’re keen to be part of that.

“So far, we’re absolutely loving it and have had some really positive feedback from people in the music world that we really respect too. Our single Million Miles, has a really cool video and really high end production value. It all feels like it’s paying off too, being able to take our music all over the UK.

“Now I’ve had a taste of Godiva Festival, I’m desperate to get my band, The Institutes up there! We’re just working hard and it’s great to find 3 other people with the same work ethic as me. We’ve played Genting Arena, now we want Madison Square Garden!

“I’d definitely recommend to bands that they apply for Godiva Calling. There’s no feeling like playing on the Godiva Festival stage, to perform in front of your hometown. It’s amazing!”

Sam McNulty, who is running this year’s Godiva Calling singer/songwriter category at The Squirrel, said: “We’re hoping we get lots of applications this year, so for anyone who’s thinking of applying, do get in touch. There’s so much musical talent in Coventry and we really want to give people a platform to perform.”

“We’re really proud to be hosting the singer/songwriter category this year, and we hope that we’ll get another big talent like Andrew this year!”

Bands can apply for Godiva Calling online.