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Media Mania

Show time: Sunday 2 September

Media Mania is a not for profit organisation based in Coventry. We are made up of  youth and community workers, professional artists, freelancers and volunteers that support and develop people through creative arts. We believe that creative arts are a powerful tool that give people hope and bring people together in a positive way. Media Mania has a 14 year history of inclusive engagement work, particularly with young people from priority neighbourhoods in the city. We have a great deal of experience in successfully delivering music and media projects, with a parallel programme of personal development and mentoring.

This year we have launched our new project Bring the Noise which is a 3 year project, funded by Youth Music for young people aged 8 to 25. We meet every Tuesday and Saturday at our home, Unit 4 Sandy Lane Business Park and every Thursday at Stoke Park youth club, all young people are welcome.

Since the Bring the Noise started in March we have recruited around 50 members and we will be showcasing some of the work of these young people attending the sessions.

  • Approx 7 mins Lily - A young vocalist and guitarist that attends Media Mania Bring the Noise will be performing 2 of her own songs 
  • Approx 10/15 mins - Bring the Noise Samba - We recently started samba sessions through the project, this will be a showcase of what the group have learned so far and an opportunity to engage members of the audience in playing along with the band to Bring the Noise?.
  • Approx 20/25 mins - Bring the Noise house band - Young people have learned how to play guitar, bass, keyboard, melodica and drums through doing covers of famous songs in a Bring the Noise style the group have formed a band and have specially selected some songs to perform at Godiva 2018.