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Godiva Calling


These rules are to ensure that all venues are following the same regulations, so that the Godiva Calling competition is fair and equal.

Venues are responsible for the selecting of the artists. The judges for the main heats will be organised by the Coventry Godiva Festival organisers. Where there are mini-heats the venues will provide the judges. Coventry City Council will create the voting forms for the venues. The judges and the audience will vote at the heats. Audiences have to be present for the whole of the heat to be eligible to vote.

Each venue can hold as many heats as they deem necessary – there will be two winners for each genre of music that will go on to perform at the Coventry Godiva Festival.

Venues may charge a small entry fee at their discretion.

Requirements for applicants

  • 1 venue per artist based on the genre they perform
  • NO Cover Songs allowed (unless recreated via sampling), any bands not observing this rule will automatically be disqualified.
  • NO Backing tracks with the exception of sampling for urban acts
  • Have to have a CV postcode.
  • Strictly 20 minutes performance time per band/artist.


Winners from each venue will perform at the 2019 Coventry Godiva Festival on the appropriate day and stage.

The prize for the first and second place performer from each venue will be to perform at the 2019 festival. We will also try to arrange interviews on the day.


Each judge will have to declare if they have a vested interest in any of the artists and will subsequently have to withdraw from judging that heat.