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Disabled facilities

Viewing platform

There is a a disabled access viewing platform in front of the Main Stage.


A space for parking is available for people with a disability. This area is opposite the Visitor Centre.


There are accessible toilets near the parking area.

Electric scooters and wheelchairs

Some electric scooters and manual wheelchairs for the use of the disabled, elderly and mobility impaired visitors will be available at the festival. The Event Mobility Unit will be situated near the Visitors Centre (corner of the family field). The disabled parking area will be adjacent.

Times of operation

  • Friday 5 July             – 6pm – 10.30pm
  • Saturday 6 July        - 12noon - 10.30pm
  • Sunday 7 July           - 12noon – 7pm

Electric scooters and manual wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis. A refundable deposit system will be in place which is £25 for electric scooters and £10 for a manual wheelchair. On arriving to pick up your scooter we will require 2 forms of identification with your address on and you will be asked to leave a name and contact number as well as sign a conditions of hire.

Godiva Festival Mobility Conditions of Hire

Please adhere to the conditions of hire at all times. If you are unsure, please ask a member of staff.  The Godiva Festival organisers reserve the right to refuse hire if these safety conditions are not met.

Once you have hired a scooter you must ensure that you take responsibility for the safety and correct use of the equipment hired to you.

  1. The hiring of equipment from this scheme is for use during the opening hours of the festival only.
  2. Equipment is only for use within the festival boundary fenced areas.
  3. All equipment must be used with due care and attention.  Alcohol consumption should be kept to the legal limit.
  4. The equipment is hired for the sole use of the named hirer.  Safety is very important so never carry others with you on the equipment, such as children or let anyone else use the equipment that has been hired to you.
  5. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way.  They will often stop/turn suddenly so reduce your speed and keep a safe distance.
  6. Please return the equipment in a clean and tidy condition.
  7. Any incidences you may be involved in must be reported to a member of staff and a written statement given.
  8. When you collect your equipment you must be sure you have sufficient instructions and training for use so you feel comfortable and confident when operating.
  9. Any problems with the equipment must be reported ASAP. Do not continue to use the equipment.
  10. Always use the lowest speeds during the festival when mixing with a large amount of pedestrians.
  11. You must have the ability to safely balance on, have the dexterity to use the controls and have good visual abilities for the use and manoeuvring of the equipment hired.
  12. Always turn key or push button to switch off the equipment when getting on/off or whenever you stop or are stationary so as to avoid catching levers/control knobs by mistake.
  13. Always remove the key when you are leaving the scooter outside somewhere ensuring you have left it in a safe place and not causing an obstruction or inconveniencing others.
  14. Do not place bags around the handle bars or control arm and never overload the equipment with bags.