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Food, craft, charity and promotional stall enquiries

Charity stall enquiries

Coventry City Council would like to encourage the active role of Charity and Community groups at the Festival.  An area in the Family Field (3m2) will be allocated for each charity. Charities are responsible for bringing their own gazebo. Your gazebo must be structurally sound and have the sufficient weights needed to keep it secured in the area allocated. All gazebos brought on the site must comply with the temporary structure guidelines (see MUTA best practice guide)  You will be asked to remove any gazebos that are not structurally suitable.  Please contact godivafestival@coventry.gov.uk if you need advise on where to hire a gazebo from. If you require a larger area then please let us know and we will let you know the additional cost.

All applications will be considered in the following priority order.

  • Local charities who are based in the Coventry and District region - Cost will be £60 per 3m gazebo per day or £100 for both days
  • Regional or National based charities - Cost will be £200 per 3m gazebo per day or £380 for both days
  • Local Community Groups wishing to raise funds for local use who are not registered charities - Cost will be £60 per 3m gazebo per day or £100 for both days
  • Private individual who have endorsement from regional or national charities to raise funds on their behalf.  A letter of endorsement and receipts must be provided. - Cost will be £60 per 3m gazebo per day or £100 for both days

To apply for a space please complete the charity application form either online or by email.  Applications must be received by Friday 17 August 2018

Space is allocated on a first come first served basis and product/activity suitability. 

Please note:

  • Once a registration form has been received and acknowledged in writing by email, a space will be reserved for you.
  • Once confirmed an invoice will be sent out to the name and address given to us on the application form so if this is different please make sure this is stated on the application form. Payment details will be sent on the back of the invoice.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘Coventry City Council’
  • Payment must be received prior to the event in full. (Please avoid paying monies on site as we don’t have money collection facilities on site)
  • Please supply us with a copy of your public liability (minimum of £5 million).
  • If it is necessary for you to cancel the space prior to the event then it is the charities/stall holder’s responsibility to let us know in writing that the space will no longer be required.  You must have received an acknowledgement of this cancellation from us for this to be implemented. If notification of cancellation is not sent to us in writing prior to the event then full payment will still be charged. 
  • Not turning up on the day will still be charged against the charity if notification is not given at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • No political or religious literature is permitted.
  • No selling of counterfeit goods is permitted
  • No selling of alcohol or providing it as prizes for tombolas is permitted.