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Show time: Sunday 9 July - 2.45pm - 3.15pm

Bob Jackson has reformed the legendary BADFINGER and after two successful UK Tours has reignited the market. Badfinger were The Beatles’ protégés, the inventors of Power Pop and, in the words of Paul McCartney, the writer’s of the killer song of all time – ‘Without You’. Sadly, the band suffered two tragic events with the death of Pete Ham in 1975 and Tom Evans in 1983. After 30+ years without a live tour or new material, instead of being resigned to the history books, Badfinger are set to start the long awaited next chapter in the band’s compelling history.

The phenomenal success Badfinger achieved in the early Seventies and their now legendary status makes them one of the most respected bands in Rock history. Badfinger’s music still continues to command critical acclaim with many of the songs featuring in the soundtracks of blockbuster movies and TV soundtracks. The smash hit series Breaking Bad being one which in 2013 put Baby Blue in front of millions…. Baby Blue rocketed back into the American Download Charts instantly bringing a whole generation of new fans to Badfinger

Since becoming a member of the original line up in the 1974, Bob Jackson has consistently driven the Badfinger legacy with various Badfinger-related releases, performances, interviews, activities and events. More recently in 2013 Bob organized the Blue Plaque Concert at Swansea Grand Theatre celebrating the life of founder member Pete Ham.

In 2015 he reformed Badfinger for a 23 date UK Theatre Tour playing to over 20,000 people. Late 2016 saw Badfinger back on the road for a string of UK dates over September to December including new material in the show. Audiences have delighted in the return of Badfinger to the stage, hungry to see and hear the music performed live, hear the history first hand and experience the new Badfinger material for the first time. The reconnection has been joyous!

Looking now to build on the success of the re-launch, Badfinger are looking to book dates for 2017 UK and European Tours.

There is a huge worldwide fan base eager to hear the songs performed as they should be and as many again waiting to discover Badfinger live for the first time.